2 Weeks Until I Climb the C.N Tower for WWF!

As some of you may already be aware, this year for the first time I am participating in the C.N Tower Climb for Nature. I’ve wanted to do this challenge previous years but my own lack of confidence in my ability to do it without you know, coughing my lungs out or something, deterred me. Last year I actually just completely missed the date because I was more focused then on my running goals and doing the Great Cycle Challenge (which I’ll be doing again this year, but that’s not until June!) This year I am wholly confident and looking forward to seeing just how quickly I can finish! It’s going to be such a fun event so if you haven’t registered, perhaps this cheeky article will help you decide why you should.

15 Reasons Not To Climb The C.N Tower

For those that don’t know, the C.N Tower Climb is… well pretty much exactly as it sounds. I’ll be trekking the 1,776 steps up to the top of one of the world’s largest free standing structures in support of the World Wildlife Fund who do really amazing work in aiding the environment from effects of climate change and supporting the world’s endangered species.

Fun fact: The C.N Tower held the record as being the tallest structure for 30 years, losing it as recently as 2007. Ten years later it is now the 9th tallest freestanding structure at 1,815.4 feet. The tallest? Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It stands at 2,722 feet. Check out how gorgeous it is!

If you’re able to donate to help me reach my $100 goal, I would very much appreciate it!

And if you’re going to be at the event on Saturday April 8th, let me know!

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