Brock Turner Case Update | Guess Who’s Getting Released Early?

You might remember I wrote an open letter to Brock Turner’s father Dan A. Turner back in June. Brock being the insufferably arrogant Stanford U swimmer who raped a woman behind a dumpster on campus and then tried to play it off as drunken fun. The old he said/she said ensued, with Brock claiming the victim – although unconscious during the attack – somehow consented to his actions. I’ve been following the updates on the story, and I gotta say I’m still pretty pissed.

Brock Turner was sentenced to a pathetically lenient 6 month sentence for what he did. He was found guilty on 3 counts of felony sexual assault – but yeah, lets not give the prosecutors the 6 year term they were after and instead push that down to 6 months because God forbid this creep have to take any real responsibility for what his father so astutely called “20 minutes of action”.

He’ll be released tomorrow having only served 3 months of his sentence due to “good behaviour”. You can’t hear me but I just let out a heavy scoff. Are swim trials coming up or something? I digress.

The Judge who delivered his sentencing, Aaron Persky, claimed that his reasoning for his ruling was that Brock was “young” and it would have a “severe impact” on his life moving forward. Yeah, no shit Persky – that’s the damn point and it went right over your head. If there’s anything good that has come from this case it’s this: Aaron Persky was recused from a trial in June, another sexual assault trial where a male nurse allegedly sexually assaulted an anesthetized patient. Why, you wonder? District Attorney Jeff Rosen stated, “We lack confidence that Judge Persky can fairly participate in this upcoming hearing”. Hats off to you, Mr. Rosen, and all those involved in that decision. I’ll also mention, many jurors even refused to serve under Persky, and that restored a little faith in my heart.

In addition, this past Monday California state legislature passed a bill that aims to prevent such lenient sentencing for sexual assaults going forward. If Democratic Governor Jerry Brown approves, cases such as Brock’s where the assailant is convicted would result in a mandatory minimum 3 year prison sentence. Let’s hope Brown has a more sensible head on his shoulder than Persky.

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