Cards Against Humanity For Her is officially here! Yes! Now I can FINALLY play!

I’m a big fan of the Cards Against Humanity game, so I just have to share this with all of you, because up until today I’ve been so heartbroken over the fact that there wasn’t a version of the popular card game available for women. It’s really a fantastic game, but I’ve always felt so totally awkward jumping in on a game with my male friends, I just knew they were judging me for playing the male-centric game just like they judged me for playing hockey as a young girl. It just didn’t seem right. Fear not girls of the world, Cards Against Humanity For Her is here!

This link sprawled across my feed this morning and I immediately had to check it out, because at first glance it looks like yet another expansion pack (and seriously, every expansion pack is worth checking out for this game….the laughs are endless.) View the page here:

It is well worth the read through as the CAH creators take the piss out of the fact that women’s products are typically, for no sensible reason, more expensive than the male equivalent. The site even explains that in this version of the game, “the cards are exactly the same as the original Cards Against Humanity.” But it comes in a PINK BOX! And apparently this, like the colour red on cars, justifies it’s more expensive price tag.

I love this website because, unlike other public figures/brands who have spoken up about this issue (Ellen Degeneres and the Bic pens for Women line comes to mind.) the CAH crew don’t even try to come up with sensible answers to those raised in their FAQ. Instead, they sort of just throw buzz phrases around like, “treat yourself!” because I mean, you’re a girl and you totally deserve to spend this extra $5 just to have a pink box. They obviously don’t want us to have to look at the gross black and white box the game is originally packaged in, because like, ew. We like flowers and perfume so we need pretty colours, like pink! Thank you for recognizing this CAH!

I had a good laugh at this, and I hope you do too. I won’t be buying the game of course, even for the novelty of it (which I’m sure is to some degree the creator’s intention… can’t blame ‘em for trying to make some money. Also I’m secretly mad jealous of your marketing genius.) because it goes against everything I stand for as a female consumer, but you do you CAH – thanks for the giggle.

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  1. Personally, I’ve never heard of this before but I will say that many people I know, one for sure? would purchase it because it’s pink! 🙂

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