Fresh new look!

Hey everyone,

I woke up this morning feeling fresh, motivated, and excited for the week ahead, so I felt like it was time to roll out my website’s new look! Surf on over to to see the changes.

Going forward, I’ll be rolling out regular pieces that fall under Health, Lifestyle and Pop-Culture. I’m going to have a separate section entirely that follows my journey towards a healthy balanced life for those that wish to follow it, and very soon you’ll be able to purchase my works on Amazon 🙂 I’ll be sure to update you as my bookshelf grows, but remember to subscribe and like my page on Facebook to stay on the up and up.

I’ve also added the “Services” section, where you can learn a little bit about what I offer as a freelance writer and editor. I take the utmost care with all of my clients works, because let’s be honest, if I deliver a half-assed edit or article, I won’t have any clients before long!

I’ll keep this short, but if there’s something you’re having trouble locating on the new site, let me know. My aim is for the site to be easily navigable, clean with a strong focus on my written work, so if I’m failing at that, I want to know.

Happy reading!