I Tried Out Chef’s Plate So You Don’t Have To | Review

Hey folks

Back with another review of yet another meal prep delivery service!

This week Matt and I tried out Chef’s Plate who you may have noticed advertising heavily on the TTC. We were actually going to give Blue Apron a go first, but frankly Chef’s  Plate menu looked more appealing to us this week. So here we go!  The box arrived by the time I got home from work at 4pm, sitting at my doorstep. At this point it’s pretty clear every meal delivery service uses the same “base” packaging. The meal’s were in much better bags than we received from Goodfoods, and were nicely packed into the box.  No spillage this time around.
I also love that each bag had the full nutritional information very clearly pasted onto it. While Hellofresh also included nutritional info, it wasn’t nearly as detailed as this! Sorry for potato photo.
Our first meal was Hawaiian Barbeque Turkey Burgers.  All the ingredients looked fresh as can be! We made this on Monday, the day the delivery arrived, so I sure would hope it was fresh!It was super easy to whip together, although we charred the pineapples and onions a little bit because we didn’t have aluminum foil on hand (our fault, not theirs!) I was skeptical about this dish because even though I LOVE pineapples, I usually hate them cooked. On this burger though they were delicious! Matts only complaint was that he loved the smokey BBQ sauce so much that he wished there was more of it. The side salad was nothing special, but honestly, after finishing the burger, we were both too full to care about it anyways!

My rating: 7.5/10. It would’ve scored higher if the salad had been a bit more exciting. I’d probably make this again, or some version of it at least!
Matt’s rating: 8.5/10. He loved it.

Next up we had Lemon and Pesto Chicken Pappardelle. We’re usually sausage and penne kind of pasta people, so this was quite a change for us. We made this one on Wednesday, and everything in the bag still looked great!
The dish included rapini and cherry tomatoes. I’m usually not a fan of cherry tomatoes but in this dish I actually wish there were more, they were a delicious addition to the rapini! It was a smaller portion than we normally serve ourselves, but I was definitely stuffed after finishing mine.
My rating: 8.5/10. I’d definitely make this again. We added some parmesan cheese to dress it up a bit more, otherwise I would’ve scored this higher.
Matt’s rating: 8/10. A little out of his comfort zone but he was surprised as to how much he enjoyed it, he thought he would hate the rapini but he actually really enjoyed it and gobbled it all up!
Finally, on Thursday, we had Shaoxing-style Steak. Up until this day, I didn’t know what that is, so another new dish for us! And look at how beautifully green those greens are 😉Voila! I sort of messed up the cooking time on this one, so it was served a little colder than we would’ve liked, but all in all this dish was great! I’m a picky steak eater and I absolutely loved the sauce that we drizzled onto it. Matt, often not a huge fan of sweet potatoes like me, finished almost his whole helping! It was way too much food than I was able to eat, all in all, this was probably the best and most well rounded meal of the week.
My rating: 9/10
Matt’s rating: 9/10

All in all, would I recommend Chef’s Plate? Absolutely. Very pleased with our first box. At this point, our top contenders are Hello Fresh and Chef’s Plate, and I think I’m leaning Chef’s. Still can’t get those Feta Lamb burgers out of my mind from HF though, so we’ll see!

If you want to try Chef’s plate, use my discount code #3platesfromJaimee at checkout to get 3 free plates!

We’re not sure who we’ll try next, but be sure to subscribe or follow the blog to find out!

3 Replies to “I Tried Out Chef’s Plate So You Don’t Have To | Review

  1. My husband I just tried Hello Fresh and had mixed reviews. The first dish, a crusty Catfish with roasted broccoli and rice, was awful. The fish tasted old, the texture was off, and tasted as if it had been frozen for a year. (Probably was.). It was also a real simple dish to make, not real flavorful, definitely for beginner cooks, which I am not, so it wasn’t too interesting for me. Meal two was much better, a Provance Chicken (thighs) with farrow salad and grilled zucchini. “Restaurant quality” said my husband. It was bright and fresh and delicious. I’d make it again. The third meal, an Asian Pork Tenderloin dish, is slated for tonight. When we received our package, I looked through everything and saw that the asparagus was mushy. I contacted HF and they happily gave me some $$ off our next order. It is nice to have some extra spices and other ingredients (they note that they’ve sent more than you need so you don’t mess up). We are interested in trying out other meal delivery services until we find the right one, or even a combination of two that fit our needs.

    1. I would recommend trying out Chef’s Plate. Although, the menu options we had when we tried it were also a little on the “easy” side, they were tasty and the price point is better than Hello Fresh. I did a review of that one here: http://www.thisisjaimee.com/i-ordered-chefs-plate-review/

      We also tried Goodfoods but it was awful, moldy ingredients, yuck. Much like your experience you described. They gave us $$ towards our next box to make up for it as well but honestly I don’t think we’ll bother trying it again.

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