I Tried Out GoodFood So You Don’t Have To [REVIEW]

And we’re back with another review of a meal delivery service! [If you missed my first review of HelloFresh, you can go read it: here.] This past week Matt and I tried out Goodfood, a Canadian based company that currently only services Quebec and Ontario.

The box was due to arrive on Thursday May 18th, and in my confirmation meal it said it could arrive anytime before 8pm. A pretty big window as far as waiting for a delivery goes, but since it would be sitting for me at my concierge anyways I wasn’t particularly phased by that. However, it didn’t end up actually coming on Thursday at all. On Friday morning I had to reach out to Goodfood via Facebook as I was obviously wondering where my box was. Later that afternoon it arrived, and after confirming with the people at Goodfood that the contents of the box should still be okay at this time (they say the contents are good for 24 hours after the estimated time of delivery.) I put everything in the fridge.

I wasn’t crazy about the way the box arrived. While with Hellofresh everything was neatly and tightly packed in, I presume to avoid things moving around in transit, Goodfoods box seemed really thrown together. A couple of the ziplock bags were even open and there was some leakage in every bag. This is what the packaging of 1 meal looked like before taking out the individual contents. The first meal we were going to try was Ground Beef Tacos with Homemade Salsa Verde.
The contents outside of the bag.
As you can see, some of the produce was already starting to wilt, which I really can’t stress enough how disappointing this is when you are buying a “fresh” and “healthy” meal delivery package. Even if I don’t like the recipes at the end of it, I do expect the contents to be fresh.
In any case, I don’t care for cilantro that much, so I didn’t mind throwing out the wilted ones.
One thing about this particular recipe is that it had more than enough salsa and slaw for the tortillas. In fact, After having his serving of 3, Matt went back and used one of our large sized tortillas to use up the remaining beef and toppers.I give this particular recipe a 6/10. It wasn’t particularly exciting, and somehow each serving comes out to be like 816calories, which is quite a bit higher calorie dinner than I would normally seek out for one that I’m cooking fresh at home. IMO, that gets into restaurant calorie content, and it wasn’t tasty enough to warrant blowing my calorie goal for it. It was just OK. I probably wouldn’t make it again, but I wouldn’t be totally upset if somebody else did.

Matt’s review: 6/10. It’s alright. The “salsa” is a little weird, and it’s a bit bland. But it’s alright. (Again, he DID go back to finish the rest with our additional tortilla but, he’s also the kind of guy that really doesn’t like to waste food and it was apparent we would be throwing out the remainder.)

Next up we had Broccoli and Goat Cheese Pizza with a Pear Arugula Salad.
Matt wasn’t totally looking forward to this one, since broccoli and goat cheese aren’t exactly the kind of toppings he normally likes on pizza. I, on the other hand, was pretty excited to try it.
Unfortunately, and I didn’t even take a picture because I  was so thrown off and frankly a little grossed out – most of the broccoli has gone completely bad to the point that it was unsalvageable. As a result we ended up with a pizza that didn’t have very much in a ways of flavour. The dough was incredibly hard to work with, and I am well aware that I struggle with regular pizza dough on a good day, but this one was seriously SO tough.

Again, the arugula itself was also very wilted, which made this salad really unappetizing to me, which is a total shame because the dressing and the pears were otherwise delicious, so I would definitely keep this recipe on hand to make in the future but with proper fresh arugula. Matt also really enjoyed the salad, he actually finished the whole bowl.
Overall, I didn’t hate this recipe. I was disappointed in the pizza because of it’s lack of ingredients, but the goat cheese was tasty and it probably would’ve been pretty decent if it actually had broccoli on it.  The sauce was pretty good. You can tell in the picture just how much of that full crown I had to throw out. And in the future I would add a little something extra to the salad just to spruce it up a bit, perhaps some crushed almonds. I give this recipe a 7.5/10 – I’d probably try to make something similar again. But I’d really tone down some things  – the calorie content of this was somehow the highest out of all 3 meals, settling in at 1033/serving. How, I don’t even know! They must have injected pure lard into the dough, or something. I was really surprised when I saw that.
Matt gives it a 7/10. He hated the pizza, didn’t even go back for seconds. Loved the salad.

Finally, last night on the menu was Chicken BiBimbap, a Korean dish with sautéed spinach, carrots and mushrooms on a bed of jasmine rice. I  was nervous when I pulled the bag out because at this point it had been 3 days since delivery and after the first two, I thought for sure the produce was bad. I’m pleased to say it was fine.
This recipe made an absolutely massive serving with a calorie content of 844. I did not even finish half of my plate, it was very filling. Again, a little more bland that I anticipated, but it was pretty good overall. The carrots were the weirdest part of this dish because you don’t actually cook them. A little odd. In the future, I probably would cook them at the very least to soften them up. I give this meal a 7/10 if for no other reason that its portion was huge and we now have leftovers from it. It was decent. Not sure if I would make it again, however.
Matt gives it a 7/10 as well. He finished his entire portion, I have no idea how. I was literally impressed.

So overall, would I recommend Goodfood? Honestly, no, I wouldn’t. Between the late delivery, the bad produce and the high calorie content on otherwise pretty basic and bland recipes…. it really didn’t do it for me. Particularly after coming off the excitement that was HelloFresh, I think Goodfood really needs to step up their game. I was really disappointed because since it was a Canadian company, I had really hoped for higher quality.

In this case, I truly did try Goodfood so that you don’t have to. Next up we’re trying Chefs Table and Blue Apron. Stay tuned!

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  1. Sounds disappointing, considering the meals you ordered are not difficult to make and I’m pretty sure the calorie count would have been much lower if you made it yourself. Well, next up….:)

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