I Tried Out Hello Fresh So You Don’t Have To

As the title suggests, this past week my first order of Hello Fresh came and I decided to write a quick review of it for those of you that might be interested in the service, or similar services.

What is it? Well, it’s a weekly/bi-weekly or monthly subscription service that delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to your doorstep. Hello Fresh boasts it is healthy as well as sustainable, and as far as I could tell after using, they weren’t lyin’.

Personally, I wanted to try it because between taking Dakota for his walks, going for my runs/to the gym, planning and prepping dinners gets a little exhausting, and sometimes due to time constraints leaves us not eating until 8pm some nights. The meal subscription option seems like a good one for two people to use once in a while just to ease that stress of figuring out what to make, spending a bunch of money on ingredients that almost always go to waste after making the meal, and spending too much time running around to grocery stores to find everything you might need. So, over the next few weeks I’ll be trying out a couple different services with hopes that I find out that suits our needs, isn’t horribly expensive, and actually tastes good.

My first box was slated to arrive this past Monday, and it did at approximately 12pm.

This is how it looks when it arrives.
Big heavy box.
Inside, 3 smaller boxes and all of your prep and cooking instructions on handy little cards. Underneath the boxes are freezer bags where the meat is stored.
All of the packaging is recyclable.

If you’re not home when they deliver, they just leave it outside your door – or if you’re like us an in an apartment building with a concierge that can accept parcels, they left it with them.

I should also mention before I go any further, that this week turned out not to be the most ideal week to have ordered for, as I ended up having to work the evening shifts, which meant I made 2 of these meals for my breakfast/lunch, and packed up Matt’s portion for him to reheat later.

First up we had Lemony Chicken Paillard.
All of the ingredients are packed neatly into it’s own little box, so no additional sorting is required on your part. The instruction card includes pictures and detailed instructions, as well as breaks down the caloric content and nutrients of the meal. All of these were quite healthy options, so that’s another big plus for us since we’re sometimes a couple who struggles with coming up with healthy alternatives to meals we love.

All properly labelled so you really can’t mess this up!
It said the prep time was about 30minutes, and it was pretty spot on. This is the final product:
The sweet potatoes were delicious; not crispy but not mushy either, and the cumin spice was a nice touch.
The chicken was fantastic although ever so slightly too lemony for my own pallet, but I finished the entire piece feeling well satiated. The dressing for the salad again was far too lemony for my pallet, so I actually didn’t finish that, and I’m also not a huge fan of grape tomatoes. If I made it again, I would use significantly less lemon in the dressing.

Overall, I give this meal a 7/10.

Matt’s rating: 7.5/10. He actually really enjoyed the salad and the tomatoes and gobbled the remainder all down, he thought it was very refreshing. The chicken was still good reheated but he thinks he overcooked it and dried it out a bit. He wasn’t crazy about the sweet potatoes.

Next up we had Sizzlin’ Beef Stir Fry.
I had never made anything with Bok Choy before so I was excited to try this one.
A heaping portion! I gave myself a bit less than I set aside for Matt since this one clocks in at about 720calories – it turns out that that didn’t matter because I couldn’t finish it either way. This was super filling, but a tad bit on the bland side, and the beef was a little tougher than I would’ve liked. If I had to make it again, I would cook the beef on a lower heat or for less time. I’d also add something else to the sauce mixture to make it a bit more exciting.

My rating: 8/10. It filled me up more than I expected for sure.

Matt’s rating: 8/10. He felt the beef was a little tough as well, but overall thought the meal had a nice flavour.

Lastly, and the only meal we actually cooked together all week as a result of my wonky schedule, Minted Lamb Burgers with FetaSince we had to wait a few days after it was delivered, we did put the ground lamb in the freezer so that it wouldn’t spoil. We were worried that might compromise the taste a bit, but it didn’t at all. The ingredients were just as fresh on Saturday as they were when they had arrived on Monday.

This was by far the tastiest meal we had all week. We overcooked the burger slightly on one side but it was actually amazing. I would DEFINITELY make this again.  And it clocks in at less than 500calories for delicious, nutritious, and filling dinner. My downfall of this meal? The salad was just OK. It utilizes the remaining ingredients that are left over from the burger which is great because you don’t waste, but as a result I felt unenthusiastic about it. It was still better than the overbearingly lemony dressing from the first meal, though, so overall I give this one a 9/10.

Matt’s rating: 9/10. He was surprised with just how easy and fast it was to whip it all together, and says he could’ve eaten 4 burgers since it tasted so good. The salad, he agrees, was just OK. I think if we had paired this bad boy with a more interesting salad we would’ve been over the moon with it.

Overall, I was happy with our experience with Hello Fresh. The website is very easy to navigate, very easy to skip weeks or cancel your subscription at any time, and I was generally happy with all the meal options. It forces us to try things we might not normally, and that’s a big bonus for me, too.

Now, I tried out this service using a promo code, so I only paid $35.00 for the 3 meals, which is a great fee for this amount of food delivered conveniently to your door. At regular price, this would cost $80/week. Pretty steep. Would I pay that going forward? I’m not so sure, but we’ll have to wait until I try a few more services to determine that! For now, I have skipped the next couple of deliveries.

If this was enough to entice you to try Hello Fresh, use my discount code JJAKOB at checkout to receive the same discount as I did for your first box! I will reiterate, it is VERY easy to cancel if you’re not happy with your experience!

My next box arrives later this week from Goodfood – a Canadian company, so stay tuned!


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  1. You did a good job explaining your experience and giving people an understanding of what a food service is all about. I think it’s quite helpful for young couples on the go to use this type of service, as long as it’s not over the top cost wise. You get better meals in your belly and it’s a great teaching tool for food preparation!
    Great Job! 🙂

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