May Fitness Challenge!

Hey, hey, hey.

Over the weekend I’ve been prepping for what I’m simply  dubbing my May Fitness Challenge. It’s pretty straightforward so I thought I’d share the basics of it for anyone interested in participating.

This was half inspired by the fact that a week today I have my half-marathon to run, and I’m starting to feel mildly nervous about it. I am and I’m not, I guess. I think I’ll do alright and finish it without stopping but, I feel like I should be more prepared than I currently feel. Anyways, let’s not dwell on that too much for my sanity’s sake!

The hope is that after 31 days of consistent dedication, I’ll not only see an improvement in overall body composition but my general stress levels should decrease as well, and set a good tone for myself going into the summer months. It should also assist with killing off some of my bad habits.

The challenge is simple.

1. Wake up early enough that you’re not rushing out the door to get to work.
For me this means 6am as I predominately work at 8am, and since I bike, I have to be out the door by 7:30am. A few times lately I’ve found myself not waking up until 7am and it really feels like it throws my day off, so 6 it is!

2. Set aside 10minutes a day to just – be. 
For me this will likely happen first thing in the morning as it helps set a relaxed and positive tone for the day. For you this might be a bit of yoga, general stretching, meditation, or just enjoying a cup of coffee. The point is to set aside a few minutes where you’re not worried about the 8million other things you have to do, just live and breath. I’ve felt the benefits of this first hand already but I haven’t been consistent, so it’ll be a big part of the challenge.

3. Net 1500calories per day.
This is to help me continue to make mindful choices for my meals and will drive me to choose healthier options more frequently. At 5’6″, 1500 seems to be the sweet spot for my own personal weight loss, for you this might be different. I find anything 1600+ and I don’t lose, and anything 1400 or less and I don’t fuel my body well enough for my lifestyle, so this is important. Every Saturday, Matt and I will be sitting down for a moment to discuss what meals we’d like to make that week, and then by knowing my dinners I’ll plan my lunches around them, which helps me keep my macros in check, too.

4. Gym 3 times a week for Strength Training
Pretty obvious one, I’d like to retain as much lean muscle mass as possible through the challenge. Adjust your own according to your goals.

5. Running 3 days a week
This is for starters to continue preparation for the Half-Marathon, and then I’m going to keep it ongoing for the month as I have a 10k coming up as well and would like to increase my 10k pacing. It’ll also prove to be a huge help for keeping those cals in check without feeling deprived. Adjust your own according to your goals.

6. Bike to work as many days as weather permits. 
The only thing that should really slow me down here is the rain, but if it’s a lighter spit I’m going to power through it, as biking not only helps my cardiovascular health but also keeps my wallet full since I can stop paying for the crummy TTC!

7. Regular Dakota Adventures (walkies). 
This isn’t really part of the challenge since I do it all the time anyways, but I like to include this furry monster into things. Plus, it gives me an excuse to close off this post with a photo.

Updates will occur every Wellness Wednesday! Also, this month I’ll be trying out Hello Fresh,  fresh groceries and recipes delivered to your door that are quick to prepare and healthy! I’ll be updating how that goes, if the food actually tastes good, etc…. look for that in a couple weeks or feel free to try it out ahead of time using my promo code JJAKOB at checkout to save $50 off your first week!

Wish me luck 🙂

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