My CN Tower Climb Experience

Good afternoon everyone 🙂 Those of you that follow me on instagram already know but – I completed the CN Tower Climb this morning! Here’s a brief overview for those of you who might be thinking about participating next year.

I woke my butt up at 5:30am, showered to help me actually wake up, and was on my bike by about 6:30am to get down to the Metro Convention Center for Check-In. I went by myself so I didn’t want to get stuck in what I assumed would be ridiculously long lines later in the morning.

You’re not allowed to bring your phone or pretty much anything other than your ID and keys with you, so that’s all I had with me. It was a really cold ride down since I was trying to limit what I brought entirely and only wore a windbreaker over the clothes I chose for the climb. Really glad I decided on long pants and long sleeves otherwise I would’ve been frozen by the time I got there.

Check-in was super quick for me, I only had to wait a few minutes at each line-up, the volunteers seemed to be on the ball although as usual it took the person checking names about 7 tries to type my last name in correctly.

By the time I got through it all, my start-time stamped in at 7:30:57AM. So not too bad; the bike in took about 20minutes, and I had parked a few blocks away from the convention center so that I could stretch my legs out a bit. As it turns out, my back tire is mega low, so the ride in was more strenuous than it should’ve been.  So all in all it took me about 30minutes to get through check-in.

The climb itself proved to be an interesting one. Since I was alone I adopted myself into a family with 5 little kids. It was their 4th time doing this, so I knew I had to beat them to the top. I passed them on about the 15th floor and moved on. You can’t slow me down, children.

They had decorated the concrete walls with art from kids that were filled with words of encouragement at every floor – some of them, were less encouraging and more depressing like one of happy whales screaming “Save me!” and another with a plea to help the polar bears, where they didn’t actually draw any polar bears because they’re all dying. I like your harsh realism, Brendan, age 6 and Sophie, age 4.

I didn’t really train for this climb per say, so I really had no idea what I was getting into. I had heard that most people finish in half an hour so I set my goal to 25minutes. With no phone or anything though, I had no real way of knowing how my pace was, so I just kept on.

Lots of people were beginning to stop by the 40th or so floor, and by the time I hit about the 60th the closest people to me always seemed to be about 1 floor above or below me. On earlier floors it was much more cramped.

By the 80th floor I started to feel a little weird, I think that’s from the altitude, I’m not sure. I wasn’t dizzy but I could just tell I didn’t feel quite normal haha. My arms had a strange weight to them, and a cramp was slowly creeping in but it went away pretty quickly.

By the 115th floor I couldn’t help but notice the annoyed glares partners were giving each other, as if to say “Why the hell did you drag me to this?”

By the 125th floor I was definitely tired. But the end was near!

I finished with a time of 20 minutes and 38 seconds. Better than I thought! Couldn’t be more pleased. When they stop the timer, what they don’t tell you is that you actually still have to walk up a few more floors to get to the observation deck to take in the sweet views and, more importantly, obtain your free bottle of Desani water. I don’t even like Desani but that water was delicious in that moment.

I soaked in some sun on the deck for a few minutes before making my way back down. Getting out was pretty quick once you realized where the line to the elevators actually started.

By the time I got my coat and left, the lines were massive!! I’m so glad I went early in the morning and beat the rush, because the lines were literally all the way out the door of the convention center by the time I left around 8:45am or so. Good luck to the rest of ya.

Here’s me looking pleased after I finally got home at approx. 9:15am with my souvenir WWF t-shirt. It’s much too large which was great for the bike ride home since I had to wear it over my hoodie.

My official time stamp card, and my complimentary ticket to the Better Living Show 😉

‘Til next year? I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it hahaha.


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