Race season is well underway!

When I decided to participate in my first race last September, I didn’t expect to fall in love with it the way I have.

This past Saturday I ran in the Run For Women race, sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart. It was my first official 10k (my first race, I intended on running a 5k but missed the turn around and ended up doing the whole course – ha!). The race was a fundraiser for the Toronto Women’s College, who are working towards ending the stigma of mental health. Mental health as it happens is one of the reason I run – I personally suffer from anxiety and depression, and running works as a great stress reliever for me.

The crew did a great job with this race, and the course was lovely. Nice to be able to run the streets of Toronto without the worry of oncoming traffic! Shout out to all the volunteers and police that kept us safely away from the confused and agitated drivers that were surprised to be met with pylon barriers that morning. Also got a sweet swag bag at the end, full of goodies from Shoppers! That’s not why I run of course but it’s a nice little perk 😉

I placed 88th overall, and 56th out of the women, clocking in at 1 hour and 20 seconds, so I feel pretty good about that! I feel like I could have run a little faster perhaps though – luckily I have the Toronto Waterfront 10k in just under 2 weeks, so I’ll try to best my time then!