Sign the Petition Against Veterinarian Mahavir Singh Rekhi

By now you are probably familiar with the name Mahavir Singh Rekhi, but just in case you’re not, he’s that terrible veterinarian from St. Catherine’s who is currently under criminal investigation for abusing animals in his care.

Despite video proof of the allegations against him, Rekhi currently still holds his medical license. Seriously. There’s witnesses and videos of him literally strangling, hitting, and choking animals, but this clown still has a medical license. If you can explain to me how that makes any sense, I’m all ears.

Yes I understand there’s due process; yes I know he’s been suspended for a ridiculously lenient 10 months – which can be reduced following the completion of some training on the proper handling of animals. Is it wrong of me to think that someone who makes the livelihood treating animals should just sort of know in their core that hitting and choking – and whatever else he’s done that wasn’t caught on tape – is NOT appropriate practice? Heck, I’m not a vet, and I know that! Some of his coworkers even pointed out to him that his use of force is excessive and he still continued to abuse these animals, which tells me he absolutely has no right baring his license.

If Rehki isn’t held wholly responsibly to the highest extent of the law on this matter, I will have lost even further faith in our judicial system. This is pathetic. I feel terrible for anybody that put the care of their pet in the clearly unstable hands of this lunatic.

More information available here.

Sign the petition on calling to revoke Rehki’s license.

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