Slim by Spring Transformer Challenge

Motivation is fleeting. Discipline is not.

That’s one thing a friend of mine said to me when I was first starting out on my journey to better health. I was probably complaining about feeling too tired or lazy to go for a run or something, as I do from time to time. You’re not going to be motivated every day, but that shouldn’t stop you from working towards your goals. In fact, if it does stop you, you just might not ever reach your goals, and do you want to be that person? I don’t.

Recently I found out about a very interesting website/app that strives for greater health and accountability, and it does it using one thing that we can all use – Money!

This past month I did my first ever DietBet challenge called a “Kickstarter” –  a 4 week introduction to the challenge, basically.

The idea behind DietBet is super simple. You create a profile and join a game by buying in, usually $25 or $35 to opt in. On the first day, you have to weigh in using two photos, one of you in light fitting clothes, full body, and one of the scale read out as you stand on the scale with your special “weigh-in word” written on a piece of paper – this is to help prove that you are that weight, and you’ll have to do another one at the end to show you were successful. If you’re successful, you win your money back as well as any extra $$$ in the pool, split among all the participants that you’ve played with. Of course, if you don’t win, you lose your cash and it goes to the winners.

But that’s sort of the beautiful thing about it. If I bet on sports and one of the athletes gets injured, I’m cooked and I have no control over the outcome of that game. This one? You have complete control over the outcome – and it is SO motivating!

I have decided to join a second DietBet challenge and I wanted to share it with all of you in case you’re looking for some added motivation and accountability. I’ll even post my weigh-in photos, and some new healthy recipes that I’m going to try along the way.

Ready to get slim by spring? Join me! It starts tomorrow and goes until April 23rd, 2018. The current pot is $30,2500 USD!

Not ready to start tomorrow but want to give DietBet a go anyways? Join now! You can sign up for new games all the time, whether you’re looking for a Kickstarter or Transformer. It’s really cool, and the community has been so super supportive and helpful.

Not interested but want to connect on another platform? Let’s keep each other accountable!