Time Capsule Tuesday | The Fall of Exetar – Chapter II

If you missed Part 1, be sure to go read it before continuing! This series wraps up next week. 


    “Hear this! Hear this! Thou dost present thyself for thy kingship, thy royal Lord Chadwick thee Third! Immediately! All those who hear this, doth thy present thyself without further adieu!” the town crier proclaimed, shaking his bell vigorously. The stores emptied in an instant, the ground itself rumbled a bit as they gathered. Even the merchants abandoned their stands without a second thought to thieves in order to get front and centre for the announcement. Lord Chadwick took to the wooden podium.
    “It has come to my attention that I haven’t fulfilled my duties as the lord. Due to this, I find many of you have taken it of your own will to undermine me, undermine the feudal system, and we need to discuss the solution to these inconsistencies. My father would never have this,” he snarled. Half drunk and beat red, Chadwick stumbled over to Thomas Weaver. “This man here has been thee only one to speak the sole, honest truth, and for this I am appointing you, Weaver, the wise, noble Sir Thomas Weaver, leader of the East division of Exetar,”. The crowd had mixed reactions, with the older generations groaning, and the younger cheering. Thomas Weaver simply smirked, waved, and sat right back down, boastfully acknowledging his achievements to the advisors that surrounded him. William’s sons could be heard in the crowd with the other young boys, sharing tales of Thomas’s goals as they looked in awe up at him as if he were some sort of hero. William’s expression was the grimmest of all. He bitterly spit on the cobblestone, showing his disinterest in the subject matter. When the crowd calmed, Chadwick spoke again, “And in order to show you that I am capable of running this town, I am getting rid of each and every advisor I have,” The crowd gasped, booed, and shook their heads in unison. Many of them spoke out against him, saying it was foolish, un-lord-like, and downright embarrassing. Most argued that not even his father would ever dare commit such an act, but he wouldn’t budge. “Anything I say from here on in is absolutely final, no exceptions. My second act as a renewed lord is to have all shops closed from 2P.M until 4P.M, at which time there will be various entertainment sessions, conducted by Sir Thomas,”
    “We do no care to be bombarded with these ridiculous rules! Closing our shops means less business which we need to stay open. Thomas does not need two hours of our day to show off his skills!” Melvin the Blacksmith belted.
    “Here, here! It is absurd! Some of us need those hours!” argued Francis the Tailor. It was with this act that Lord Chadwick made even more enemies than he had before. Francis refused to sew him anymore garments, which greatly upset the Lord due to not being able to have the finest furs, velvets and silks for his wardrobe. Melvin even cut back on the armour he moulded for the knights, protesting that he didn’t have the time to fulfil the demands of the royalty. Even Sherry the town baker held a stand out against the kingship by not making the Lords favourite sweets. All of which were punished accordingly, some with more severe punishments than the others, specifically Melvin who received 100 lashes for not adhering to the lords business propositions.

     Within a few days the town of Exetar was almost completely upside down. William tried his best to cheer up the people as they went about their daily duties, but most just continually wallowed in pity, often cursing about life and making absurd promises to leave Exetar and venture to London. The pub, still stained and slightly havocked from Chadwick’s recent visit, was full of pessimistic merchants at all hours of the day. The Lord himself made announcements every other day with an additional request, and those who did not follow his prospects were sent to the dungeons, forced into slave labour, or given unusually cruel, painful punishments. Even so much as stepping near Sir Thomas’s home resulted in having one’s hands chopped off in the town square. This gave the people an edgy feel to the point where many had become petrified of even so much as stepping out of their own homes. It wasn’t until Chadwick began imposing on the order of Williams’s pub that things really got out of hand.

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