Time Capsule Tuesday | under streetlights

Welcome to week 3 of Time Capsule Tuesday! Today’s piece, I actually don’t recall what is was written for at all, but if I had to guess I’m imagine it was written somewhere between 2005-2006. It’s a short one, and leaves a lot to your own imagination. Thanks for reading 🙂


under streetlights

“Here” she says, and lights a match

He takes it and sticks it to the end of his cigarette

The wind blows it out but he puts it in the cup on the ground

She makes a sour face as it sizzles out

“I wasn’t thirsty anyway…”.

He doesn’t want to fight tonight

‘I thought you’d had enough’, he said, taking another drag


Her feet shuffle as she stares at the streetlights

Back and fourth like the calmest tidal wave

He watches her lips part and come together

Not a single coherent thought, but he doesn’t seem to care

“Isn’t that what you told me?”

The lights flicker on the street but she’s looking back at him now

Wrapped up in the cold wind

“Isn’t it?”

He bites his lip and lets out a sigh

Sometimes not saying anything is loud enough


She takes a seat on the curb

It had been raining all night but if she noticed, at least she didn’t mind

He looks up as the clouds cast over the moon

It’d be the most perfect starry night otherwise

He laughs a little at the thought,

‘Under any other circumstance…..’

She gets up stumbling,

“Don’t say that”.

He puts out his arms to hold her still,

Never seen someone fall in with such trust

‘Maybe if we were…’

She pushes back and steps away, looks back to the streetlight and the car underneath

“I get it, it’s fine – I’m fine”

He knew she wasn’t but let her walk to the road


‘It’s slippery out there’ he called

She never turned around

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