VULKAN Exclusive Interview | JADE HASSOUNE

I recently caught up with Shadowhunters star Jade Hassoune to chat about the recent season as well as his part in D.W Waterson on the popular web series That’s My DJ.

Q: D.W has said her goal for the series was to get people to believe in themselves and have confidence, something that I imagine you’re familiar with as an actor. What advice might you offer young people who are trying to break into creative careers?

Jade: Yes! I’m so glad to be part of a message like that. Find the core of your creative power and express it, no matter what people say you can and cannot become. Be who you truly are without apology. Go deep within and connect to your source, whatever it might be [or] mean to you. Cultivate the space to let who you truly are flow through; it will guide you. You can feel when you are connected… it’s when you feel great and on track. Our job as creative people is to find a way to tune into that creativity, and then it will guide us to the unfolding of manifesting our dreams. All the other details will fill in. We have to go from the inside out. I know it just sounds like words, but there is a feeling that you recognize when you are in alignment with your truest knowing, and no one else knows it but you.

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