VULKAN Exclusive Interview | KIRBY BLISS

Kirby Bliss got her start in acting in shows like Hannah Montana and Zoey 101, but you’re probably more familiar with her recent roles in films like Project X and The Green Inferno.  My latst Vulkan interview with Kirby covers her recent experience working alongside the awesome Bruce Willis in Death Wish, due out Spring 2018!

Q: The film has an incredible cast. Was there anything insightful you learned or will remember from working with veterans like Bruce Willis?

A: Bruce was amazing. All of my scenes were with him. He is such a pro it was an honor just to see him work let alone work alongside him. I think what I will take away is that hard work really pays off. He worked his butt off. And I plan to do the very same until working with me will be a topic in an interview question. 😉


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