VULKAN Exclusive Interview | LESLIE GROSSMAN

Los Angeles native Leslie Grossman has been seen in shows like PopularNip/Tuck and Scandal and now you can catch her on American Horror Story: Cult. Here’s an excerpt from the interview.

Q: Kids today are growing up with the ability to have any and all information at their fingertips at all times. Do you think your view of the world or the way you interact with people would be different at all if you were growing up in it today?

A: As a mom of a tween, I am constantly worried about the influence the internet and social media have on my child. Just the other day I was explaining what the encyclopedia was to her and she was totally baffled by it. Tons of big books used to be Google? For a million reasons I am so happy there was no internet when I was growing up. I know I would have embarrassed myself endlessly.

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