VULKAN Exclusive Interview | MORVEN CHRISTIE

Q: You’ve spoken largely about the issue of objectification with regards to actresses and how you don’t believe it’s necessary for success, and you are very much proof of that. Why do you feel this is such an important message to deliver?

A: Because it is. Being an actress shouldn’t mean you’re a slave to the whims of male writers or directors, any more than being a male actor does. It’s changing, but it’s still an important message because we’re still asking this question. As if our own agency over our own bodies is a debatable point. The choice should be with US.


You can currently see Morven as Alison on The A Word. We spoke about the current season and I got her thoughts on the objectification of women in film and what changes she’d like to see in the future of the industry.

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*Also can I just say how much I LOVE these shots by Joseph Sinclair? So bold! So colourful! LOVE IT.