I’m sure you’re all gearing up for busy Thanksgiving weekends, some of you may be fortunate to be off work today (most of my office is, only two of us remain currently!) and using the extra time to prepare, shop, and clean.

I for one am really looking forward to the three(!!) dinners I will be attending, because… pumpkin pie! This year I’m making them myself, for the first time ever, so it should be interesting haha. Hopefully they turn out well. I’m reasonably confident they will.

To ease you into the long weekend I wanted to share with you my latest featured article on Vulkan which focuses on brands who make giving back to communities/charitable organizations a core part of their business model. Since Christmas is just around the corner, and the spirit of giving is at our doors, it seemed like appropriate timing!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, I’ll likely be quiet until Tuesday morning =)

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  1. This was a good article and the timing is perfect. Hopefully, some orders will come through for all 🙂

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