Weigh-In Thursday (Read: Wednesday) Week 9

Yesterday I was home from work and despite this I managed not to write this blog post. My mind has been working overtime this past week and honestly I think I was just a little burnt out. I still am, sort of.

I’ve decided I’m going to save writing my actual weigh in until the end of this month, and with that I’m going to include my HappyScale weight graph with a detailed post about it and the fluctuations you see with it, because I’ve become a bit of a data nerd and I find it interesting – hopefully you do, too!

Despite not seeing a loss this week, I am quickly learning why people say you can’t lose weight and train for a marathon (or in my case, half marathon) at the same time. It’s tough! Simply, I’m eating more than I should to be in a deficit because I’m trying to eat enough to fuel my running. The good news is, I’m not gaining weight either, and I’m finding myself making better food choices to assist with my training. So I’m taking this all with a grain of salt and trying not to beat myself up about not losing at the moment. That being said, tomorrow I plan on shaking things up with more accurate and fine tuned food logging … I’ve been a little TOO lax on myself the last couple days. For my liking anyways.  But on the other hand I am SUPER PUMPED about running! I’m actually starting to get EXCITED about the race, which I also just realized is happening in early May and not late May, eek!

Time to check the weeks steps!

Wednesday 22nd: 22,085
Thursday 23rd: 17,236
Friday 24th: 8,714 (Rest day)
Saturday 25th: 13,595
Sunday 26th: 25,082
Monday 27th: 8,577 (Rest Day)
Tuesday 28th: no data, FitBit left at home 🙁
Wednesday March 1st: 8,716

So as we can clearly see, I’ve had some great step days as a result of my increasing km’s on my runs, but I’m also finding myself feeling a little burnt out on days I need to rest, so finding that balance will be key this month. I’m working on my game plan now, I’ll discuss it next week and we can see how the first week of it goes.

There will always be set-backs, the important thing is to not let one or two bad days ruin the lot of it!

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