Weigh-In Wednesday Week 10

Another Wednesday, another weigh-in!

Happy to say that I have both weight and inches lost this week after what seemed to be weeks of no movement. I say weeks but that’s just because weight loss seems so darn slow when you’re in the thick of it, and later you’re like “ya it only took me 6 months, too!”

I’m working on not letting my mind obsess over it, and in all honesty I think it’s the best thing for me. I was feeling a certain lack of control for a while, getting frustrated with my progress, when really, I was just spending too much time and energy thinking about my progress or lack there of. We, as human beings in general I think, spend way too much time obsessing over the scale and our body image as a whole and I am slowly working on not being one of those people anymore. Any data I log is purely for self-interest because as I think I’ve mentioned, I’ve become a bit of a data geek; I find it interesting to follow the trends over time and be able to pin point why there was a weight spike there or why there was a big loss here. That’s just me though lol.

Anyways! My fellow data nerds are likely waiting for the info now, so let’s hop to it.

FitBit Steps:
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March 1st: 8,716
March 2nd: 6,879
March 3rd: 19,725
March 4th: 5,119
March 5th: 21,098
March 6th: 13,738
March 7th: 11,302

All in all not the best week for steps for me, but that’s alright. At work lately I’ve been in a lot of conferences which means I’ve been sitting on my butt for 8hours of the day; while not ideal I can’t do much about it, so I’m not about to beat myself up over it. Despite all that, on Sunday I managed to run my farthest distance yet, a whopping 13.14km. If you had told 2014 Jaimee that one day she would run that far and not feel like dying, she would’ve laughed in your face. So I’m very proud of that effort and I’m really looking forward to beating it this weekend!

Waist: 29 (-0.5″)
Lower Abdominal: 35 (-0.5″)
Chest: 36.5 (-1.25″)
Hips: 39 (-0.5″)

So since the last time I logged my measurements I’ve lost a total of 2.75″ – awesome!

Finally, the actual weigh-in. With my handy dandy little graph courtesy of HappyScale.
You can see the downward trend as I continue my journey towards a happy, healthier me 🙂

Finally, as it is International Women’s Day, I want to end on this note for any woman that might be reading this today. I know I have put a lot of focus here on the numbers, the measurements, etc. but that’s really just for general interest and my own knowledge. I believe the easiest way to loss weight and gain strength is by being mindful of patterns and trends. Throughout this journey I have learned a lot, and I feel like I am really only just scratching the surface of what it means to be healthy and truly happy. We, as women, put entirely too much focus on our bodies imperfections instead of celebrating what makes us unique. If you fall outside of the BMI “Normal” range, it does not mean you are abnormal. If you’ve had a rough day and would rather hang out on the couch and catch up on How To Catch A Murderer instead of going to the gym – that’s okay! Do it. What we want to strive for is a healthy balance of all the things we love to do, and at the end of it all if you’re a few pounds heavier than society thinks you should be, screw ’em. You are more than just a number on a scale. Be mindful of the what your body and mind are telling you it needs and give it the attention it deserves.

Happy International Women’s Day 🙂

‘Til next week.

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