Weigh-In Wednesday Week 11

I’m late on today’s post but for good reason, I’ve been in re-certification training for First Aid all day so I was a little busy saving imagined lives. Don’t worry, everyone was well cared for and will make full recovery’s.

I was so sure that the half-marathon I had decided to do was in late May, and not early May …. as it turns out, I had gotten a little confused and did indeed mean to sign up for a race on May 28th, and instead I’m signed up for one on May 7th. They’re both GoodLife races hence the confusion. Here’s the course.

So in all seriousness it’s creeping up considerably quicker than I had been training for, but I was able to run 13.14km last week so I have faith that I can do it. A good chunk of it is downhill which will work to my advantage. Hopefully the weather starts to warm up soon though because I’m really, really detesting running such long distances on the treadmill. The ones at GoodLife have a 60min maximum which isn’t even enough time to get 11km so it’s a bit of a pain in the butt because you have to come to a completely stop after an hour of steady state running, wait for the machine to stop completely, and then get yourself back up to pace without mucking up your breathing. Not ideal in the slightest. Rest assured I will make it to that finish line.

Haven’t done measurements yet so nothing to report there, and weight trend is still heading down despite today’s reading being a little higher than last week, which is lovely.
Not much else to report today, it’s been a busy week and it wont be letting up soon so I’m just going to continue doing my best to get my running in and eat well enough to fuel my training until the big day!

Tonight Matt and I are making taco’s, I can’t wait to chow down! I love tacos.

‘Til Week 12 🙂