Weigh-In Wednesday | Week 12 REVAMP

Hey everyone

Needed to take some time away from blogging in recent weeks to focus on some other things, but I’m back! It’s technically Week 12 now, and we are 8 weeks from the end of the year and therefore, 8 weeks from goal! It’s crunch time. Time to revamp the plan!

Step Goal: Minimum 10000 per day
Calories In Goal: 1350-1500 net per day
Calories Out Goal: 500 calories per day
Gym Goal: 3 Days a week/mixture of cardio and strength training

Also finally bit the bullet and bought a food scale to assist with more accurate logging which will be crucial over the next few weeks, and I’ll be introducing protein shakes to help me retain and repair my muscle while I lose.

Otherwise, trying to keep this all pretty simple. I was going to revamp my carb/fat/protein goals overall but where they’re sitting right now is pretty good, although the added protein will help. I’ll also be taking a vitamin D tablet daily because I tend to be affected by the seasonal changes and I’m hoping this will help keep me feeling energized as it gets darker and darker out there!

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