Weigh-In Wednesday Week 2

I decided to sort of “reset” the counter at zero, so this is week 2 of 2017!

Off to a good start so far as I fine tune my training regime for the half-marathon. I’ll be using RunKeeper again to help me build up my endurance and speed, as it seems to work well for me and why fix what isn’t broken?! My poor sad muscles are still getting used to being back in the gym but I’ve been feeling really good about it. This time of year is always difficult given the cold – it really makes me want to just stay inside all bundled up in blankets, but I have been persevering! Without further ado,

Upper Arm: 12″ (no change)
Chest: 38.25 (-0.25″ down)
Waist: 30″ (-1″ down)
Hips: 40.25″  (-0.75″ down)
Lower Abdominal: 36″ (no change)
Thighs: 24″ (-.05″ down)
Calves: 15″ (no change … this never changes lol)

Weigh In: 162lb. (-1lb down)

It’s pretty important to do measurements. Without it, I would have looked at the scale today and said, “Oh, that’s all?” when in reality, I’ve also shaved off 2.5 inches as well – not at all a bad start to the year!

Time to hit the gym.

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