Weigh-In Wednesday | Week 3

Hey hi hello! It’s week 3, and I’m pretty glad I get to address this issue so early on for those that are keeping up 🙂


Week 1 Weight: 162.4lb
Last Week’s Weight: 158.2lb
Today’s Weight: 159.4lb

Current Goal Weight:  157lb
Ultimate Goal Weight: 145lb

1.2lb gain – but that is A-OK!

Now, you might be saying; hey Jaimee, what happened?! You went UP on the scale this week! And you’re right. The scale shows a gain of 1.2lb. Here’s why I’m not at all upset about this:

Last weeks drop of 4.2lb is a MASSIVE loss for someone my size – so much so that I knew immediately it wasn’t painting an accurate picture. With so little weight left until I hit my ultimate goal, I’m only aiming to loss approx 1lb per week – that way  I hit goal a few weeks before Christmas if I’m diligent enough. The 4.2lb I knew was going to be a combination of water weight and fat (and a teeny bit of muscle, likely) – because I certainly didn’t eat so little that I had a 14000cal deficit in one week!

So, as it stands, we’re pretty much right on target, but we’ll have to see how weeks 4 and 5 look and then we’ll have a much more accurate picture of my rate of loss.

Also, this past weekend I went to the Ex and ate a corn dog, poutine, deep friend cookie dough with vanilla ice cream, AND a couple beers, so I’m almost more surprised that I’m not still retaining excess from all that junk haha – but, I HAVE been highly active as well, which is the other reason I even let myself have those things 😉 Otherwise, the scale might’ve showed me above my initial starting weight!

Keep on pressin’ on. Just wanted to showcase that scale gains are OK as long as you understand why they’re happening and work to correct them (if you need to).

Side note: I forgot my FitBit at home today and I feel so lost without it 🙁 All my week challenges are going to suffer as a result lol #FitBitAddictProblems

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