Weigh-In Wednesday Week 5

Holy smokes how is it already February?

My lower back is mega sore today after kicking my running back into gear. 8k yesterday, 5k today, aiming to do another 5k tomorrow and Friday as well. Saturday will be a rest day because I’m at work and forcibly sedentary all day long. Literally. It’s the worst.

Meal planning and accountability has been good this week so far. I prepped a Greek chicken on Sunday with some long grain wild rice and a cucumber salad. Pretty tasty! I might start posting some of my favourite recipes on here, not sure yet, but… probably.  I think next week I’m going to make some egg salad sandwiches and maybe some soup, to alternate. The chicken was good and all but I’ve eaten it the last 3 days straight now and it’s feeling a little tired haha.

I’ve added a new challenge to my year’s goals – I have registered and will climbing the CN Tower (stairs, not exterior, duh) as part of their efforts to raise money for the World Wildlife Foundation. It’s not until April 8th so I have some time to prepare …. going to be hitting the stair climber more regularly now! I’m really excited because I wanted to do it last year but I just didn’t get into registering on time. Should be fun, and undoubtedly a little difficult!

Not much to report as far as measurements are concerned, there hasn’t been a change this week.

Gearing up for Superbowl Sunday now, trying to decide what delicious foods to make! Definitely some wings and nachos – I can’t wait! Should be a fun day, we have a few friends coming by to watch. And now that we have a small table and a few chairs to actually sit in while eating, I’m way more excited about entertaining guests haha.

Weigh-In: 160lb (up 1 from last week – whomp, whomp! It’s okay, it’ll be gone before I know it.)

Til next week!

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  1. It’s tough to get back into the swing of things Jaimee but if I know you, you’ll succeed. It’s February now and the sun should start to shine, this will lighten things up, sort to speak 😉

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