Weigh-In Wednesday Week 6

And we’re back! Last week was a busy one for me, as I started to really commit to getting back on track with running. I’ve run 5/7 days, and even did double duty yesterday with two independent 5k’s, one on my lunch break and one after work. My step count as a result has been great.

Tuesday 31st: 19’880
Wednesday 1st: 16’014
Thursday 2nd: 18’539
Friday 3rd: 21’120
Saturday 4th: 7’652 (I was working, and wasn’t able to leave the class I was operating, followed by attending a birthday dinner, so it was my lowest step count. But I was happy for the rest day.)
Sunday 5th: 21’174
Monday 6th: 13’520 (the only other day I didn’t hit my 15’000 Fitbit step goal – pretty close though!)
Tuesday 7th: 22’213

As you can see, getting my running in regularly really makes a difference in my TDEE. I’ve been really good about my food intake as well, so I should be seeing a big loss soon, but today I didn’t, and I’m relatively certain that it’s because I’m a) retaining a ton of water from stepping up my running game b) leftover from all the salt/fatty foods I consumed on Superbowl Sunday and c) that pesky time of month. So no loss to report today, and no change in measurements from when I last reported them on Week 5.

Upper Arm: 12″ (no change)
Chest: 37.5 (no change)
Waist: 29.5″ (no change)
Hips: 39.5″  (no change)
Lower Abdominal: 36″ (no change)
Thighs: 24″ (no change)
Calves: 15″ (no change)
Total Inches Lost This Week: 0″

Weigh In: 160lb

The distances required in my running plan are ramping up, and I’m feeling confident that I’ll be in great form for the Half-Marathon as long as I keep this up.

Not much else to report on today, so see ya next week!

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