Weigh-In Wednesday | Week 6

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been 6 weeks, seriously where does the time go?


Week 1 Weight: 162.4lb
Last Week’s Weight: 157.8lb
Today’s Weight: 156.4lb

Current Goal Weight:  157lb wooho I can update this! I’ll set a modest 155 as my next mini goal 🙂
Ultimate Goal Weight: 145lb

                         Super happy to see this number again 🙂

So 6 weeks in and I’ve lost literally 6 pounds – exactly on track with my calorie goals. See, remember back at week 2 and 3 when I said not to be fazed by scale gains? As long as you continue to log your food and exercise accurately, it should all work itself out in the end. Weight loss isn’t linear, and the sooner we all realize that, the happier we’ll be on our way to our goal weights 🙂

I’m a day behind on my RunKeeper running plan currently, because I was just so fatigued last week I took a couple of rest days, but I plan to be back on track by the weekend. I continue to notice an increase in my speed and just in general, my runs feel way better since involving interval training. My breathing is better, my legs feel better – everything! I’m loving it. I’ll be sad when it gets too cold outside and I’ll have to retreat to the indoors for my cardio, but all in all I’m really proud of how much I’ve improved this summer.

Time to make some breakfast, I think! ‘Til next week, I’ll leave you with this..


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