Weigh-In Wednesday Week 7

It has been quite a week for me. On the one hand, I am super stoked about how my running has been going – dare I say I don’t totally hate the treadmill these days?! Mind boggling, I know. Let’s just say we’re learning to get along with each other.

On the other hand, Dakota has been all sorts of sick and as a result I’ve been pretty stressed and severely lacking in sleep! My poor pup has an infection and is now thankfully on some medication to help him get better, it’ll take about a week, and in the meantime much to his disappointment he has to wear a cone. He’s having a bit of trouble adjusting to his new spacial parameters! He acquired the cone at about 6pm yesterday (Happy Valentine’s Day, Dakoties.) and we found ourselves doing our first repair job at approximately 4am this morning.


          Dakota, 4am 14/02/2017

I felt terrible leaving him today, I just hope he’s getting some rest now. Poor little guy!

So despite my lack of sleep and gorging out on pizza and chocolates last night, I did finally see a loss on the scale – woohoo! It was small but considering how much sodium I had last night I actually expected it to show more water retention in the form of a gain. Via my HappyScale app I can see that I am gradually losing about 1.3lb/week at the moment despite the fluctuations that make it appear otherwise. So I’m going to keep steering the course. Slow and steady wins the race in this case. I haven’t been feeling deprived at all, generally speaking, I feel about as good and in control of my diet and exercise regime right now as I recall being when I initially lost the bulk of my weight – which I only mention because it’s promising to me that I won’t derail!

First let’s take a look at this weeks step count.

Tuesday 7th: 22’213
Wednesday 8th: 12’057
Thursday 9th: 18’470
Friday 10th: 21’879
Saturday 11th: 14’016
Sunday 12th: 19’592
Monday 13th: 17’497
Tuesday 14th: 10’577

Overall it looks like my step count went down this week, but still pretty good overall. I didn’t hit my daily 15’000 steps on 3 occasions, so I’ll have to work on that this week.

How about our measurements?

Upper Arm: 12″ (no change – this pretty much never changes until I really get close to or less than my goal weight. Not at all discouraging.)
Chest: 37 (0-.5″)
Waist: 29″ (-0.5″)
Hips: 39.5″  (no change)
Lower Abdominal: 35″ (-1″)
Thighs: 24″ (no change)
Calves: 15″ (no change)
Total Inches Lost This Week: 2″

I had been noticing some of my clothes fitting a little better so I had a feeling I lost at least an inch somewhere, I’ll definitely take 2!

Going to hammer out a good run tonight to make up for what will otherwise be a rather sedentary day at work stuck in a chair – and we’re having chili for dinner which I’m really looking forward to. Nothing like some good warm comfort food after the start to the week I’ve had! ‘Til next week.

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  1. Good job, surprised you were able to stick to your program at all this week. 🙂

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