Weigh-In Wednesday Week 8

Not sure where the week went but here we are again, Week 8!

Last week I mentioned how I wasn’t totally happy with my overall step count, there were three days I failed to hit my 15,000 step goal so let’s take a look and see how this week is shaping out.

Wednesday 15th: 15,247
Thursday 16th: 16,969
Friday 17th: 11,590
Saturday 18th: 20,013
Sunday 19th: 18,532
Monday 20th: 8,491
Tuesday 21st: 23,678
And just for fun, it is currently about 4pm and today I am sitting at 17,494 and I still have a few hours left in my shift at work, so that should be closer if not above 20,000 by the end of the day.

So a little better, at least in that I have only 2 days where I failed to hit goal. Funny thing, I’ve run the last 5 days straight so that measly 8,491 included a run – I was basically sleeping the entire rest of the day though haha, I was wrecked!

Happy that I’ve been able to stick with my run plan, and I’m almost all caught up! I’m still overdue for a 6.4km and a 9.7km but I’m hoping by next week I’ll have caught up and can stop running every day and moving that back to every other day as per the run schedule.


Unfortunately I don’t have much to add in ways of weigh-in and measurement today, as it hasn’t budged, but my overall trend is still going down so I am going to stay the course. I am betting I’m holding on to a bunch of water weight for muscle repair due to the increase in running, and also because I have slowly starting to re-add strength training to my plan and I’m definitely sore from that!

Planning on getting another run in tomorrow with  strength training since I don’t have to be at work until the afternoon, but Friday I’ll probably take a rest day, starting to feel like I need one.

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