Weigh-In Wednesday | Week 9

Hey everyone, welcome to week 9!

Week 1 Weight: 162.4lb
Last Week’s Weight: 155.2lb
Today’s Weight: 155.2lb

Current Goal Weight: 155
Ultimate Goal Weight: 145lb

I’m a little sad to announce – no change in weight this week! Sad only because I’m dying to change that “current goal weight” but I know that the trend is still moving downwards 🙂 I’m not sure if I ever explained that I actually weigh myself daily, but in an effort not to go completely crazy, I only log the number once a week (on Wednesday’s of course.)  and use that figure to ensure I’m still on track. On the last three days, my weight was actually showing a loss, fluctuating between 153.8 lb and 154.4lb – so I know that next week I will definitely see a loss as long as I don’t for some reason start eating like a maniac 😉

There is a good possibility that this morning’s weigh in was just really sowing some water retention – dinner last night had a significant amount of sodium in it, and afterwards I had a delicious piece of pumpkin pie –  so it’s wholly possible that’s what we’re seeing today. Totally not fussed about it! Besides that, on the weekend I was out indulging at The Keg for a friends birthday, followed by a Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday AND Monday! I’m actually somewhat surprised I didn’t see a dreaded gain today lol.

I’ll be heading to the gym shortly to get some cardio in, since today is a rare occasion where I’ll be able to leave the office for a bit, and there’s a Goodlife Fitness conveniently across the street from my building. This week is moving along smoothly, and having my meals prepped and planned for its duration makes this whole process so much easier.

Until next week!

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