Weigh-In Wednesday | Week 2

It’s Week 2 on my little journey to a healthier, fitter, happier me and I’ve got good news – there was weight lost!


Last Week’s Weight: 162.4lb
Today’s Weight: 158.2lb

Current Goal Weight: 160lb (smashed that!) 157lb
Ultimate Goal Weight: 145lb

The proof is in the pudding…. Mmmmm, pudding…

Now, that look great and all, a loss of 4.2lb over the last week – but it’s still really early in this game, and that could either be a legitimate “whoosh” loss (of what I characterize when the scale catches up to the hard work I’ve been putting my body through after a few weeks where there was no loss showing), or, it could be just another case of my body having perfectly normal fluctuations, so needless to say based on what I’ve eaten over the past week and my exercise regime, next week we may see no loss at all, or even a gain. I’ll have to keep an eye on the overall trend over time. But, we’re off to a pretty good start, I’d say!

Today will be run 6/28 for my RunKeeper plan. Going well so far although I didn’t miss interval training AT ALL. I know it works and I’ll see an improvement in my speed with it but geez, it’s killer! And, according to my FitBit my total average daily steps of the last week is: 14,189/day. Not too shabby.

Might do some measurements next week – I ran out of time this morning to do them, but since it’s only been a week I likely wouldn’t have seen much of anything change there.

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  1. Great beginning to positive results, I really admire your hard work and dedication to your fitness regime, it’s takes a lot to stick to a fitness plan, I know, I’ve put my body through this for years, good job! 🙂

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