Wellness Wednesday | 02.08.17

This summer has been so off the rails it’s hard to believe we’re 31 weeks into the year. Suddenly, it’s August. Summer has only just started to join us (climate change, it’s happening people, you’re living it.) and I find myself frazzled trying to get all my little errands out of the way before we end up to the cottage for our second and last time of the season. Maybe we can squeeze in one more mini trip, but it’s not looking terribly likely.

After being without a FitBit over the last couple of months, I finally was able to go out and pick up the Charge 2 today with the help of a Best Buy gift card (Thanks mom.) I’m really eager to get back to it and reclaim my spot on the leader board! I feel like I must’ve fallen 100’s upon 100’s of spaces on that thing in my absence haha.

It’s amazing how much more motivated something like a Fitness tracker makes someone like me. I guess it’s my competitive nature.

I’m debating training for a marathon next year. I wasn’t going to, but now that I’m back in my runners, I’m kind of craving a big race to shoot for. Running for 4+ hours seemed insane to me after the half, but I guess being a little crazy is a good thing if it helps keep you on track. I’m definitely someone that has greater success with goals as opposed to just general fitness, that much I’ve learned.

Anyways, since tomorrow I’ll be heading up north for the long weekend with Matt and a couple friends for my annual birthday celebration, I probably wont be wearing the FitBit too much since I don’t want it to get any water damage, but come Tuesday, it’s on.

Add me if you have it, and let’s get to it!

Also, send me your smoothie recipes! I need some new ones.
Although this one is delish, if only you knew, you WOULD be jealous of the size of this glass!
(It’s just Blueberry, Strawberry, Whey, Spinach, and Almond Milk, but it’s amazing.)

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  1. I’m so happy to hear you’re back in the swing of things Jaimee, I know it’s been tough for you these past weeks and now that you have your new gadget you can keep track of your results. And you are most welcome by the way. šŸ™‚

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