Wellness Wednesday | 05.07.17

I’m told some people miss my little weekly wellness posts – and I gotta say, I miss them too!

The past few months I was so focused on starting the Live Like Wolves apparel line and getting the website all going, plus Matt and I have been busy wedding planning since we are now less than a year out! We’ve almost got all our ducks in a row, just need to finalize who we’re using as our florist, lock in our videographer, and I’m meeting with my aunt in a couple weeks to discuss my dress. This summer is and will continue to be a whirlwind but it has been too much fun getting all of this going.

But, now that I’m feeling like things are underway, it’s time to recharge, plan some tasty healthy meals and hit the gym, because a healthy mind requires a healthy body!

I meant to do a weigh-in today but totally forgot as I was rushing out the door at 6:30am. Ah well! I’ll do one tomorrow to see where my “starting” point is 😉

To kick us off, I wanted to share another infographic from My Fitness Pal (because they do such a wicked job with them!)

If you’re moderately active and of average height, you probably need to fuel your body approximately 2000 calories a day. This is just about where I sit on average. Sometimes it’s hard to understand exactly how much you might be eating, so this must be a handy tool if you’re just starting to focus on your nutrition.

It’s important to remember when your focus is weight loss that you can make up your calorie count however you want; yes, even if you want to have an evening glass of wine you CAN still stay on track. It will become clear after a couple weeks if you are over or under fueling your body, so just be mindful of your choices and how they make you feel. Personally, I am a sluggish runner if I eat anything too heavy too soon before I lace up, which is why I prefer to fast before my cardio. Afterwards, a glass of chocolate milk will re-energize me plenty, but if I’m feeling extra tired after a longer run, yogurt and berries and the perfect addition. Learn as you go, it’s the only way!


Until next week! (Hopefully? I’ll try to be consistent, lol.)

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  1. Welcome back, so nice of you to post Wellness Wednesdays once again. This is a great way to keep yourself in check and I certainly appreciate reading it each and every week. 🙂

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