Wellness Wednesday Week 18

It’s the first Wednesday of May which means it’s my first check in for my May Challenge! Whoop!

Okay we’re only like two days in so, let’s not get too excited.

Let’s see our progress so far anyways.
*Gold star’s indicate being within my calorie goal and I’ve added what days I plan on scheduling my gym workouts, although those might move around as the month progresses, they’re tentative and I’m willing to give myself flexibility there as long as I still hit 3 workouts per week.

We’ll check in with our FitBit steps every week as we have been as well, my daily goal is still 15,000 steps.

Days biked so far: 2 out of 3. It was raining quite hard on Monday so I didn’t bother, but I did do 20minutes on the stationary bike at the gym to try and make up for some of it. *shrug* ya do what ya can!  

Half-Marathon Training Update:
Monday I challenged myself with some Interval training on random inclines, since I was on the treadmill I had to make it a little more interesting. Today will be an outdoor run, approx 30-40minutes, at a medium pace. I have to be careful not to burn my legs out before Sunday.

So not much to add obviously because I only started on Monday but, so far, off to a good start! I’ll update again on Sunday with my race finish time, hoping it’s under 2:20:00! That might be wishful thinking….. we’ll see!

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