Wellness Wednesday Week 19

Weeeeeek 19!

So I’m still recovering from Sunday;s half-marathon, no joke, haha. I’m still sore. But feeling way better than Monday. I was basically injured then, at least today I can walk with relative ease. 

I refuse to pay money for a photo of me running, so here’s a super watermarked one! Seriously though, registration for these things isn’t cheap, and then they want like $20+ dollars to get your photos. No thanks!

I’ve otherwise been doing alright with everything, although I really didn’t think that the race would throw such a wrench in my week for my personal May challenge, so I’ve had to shuffle around some gym workouts on the calendar.

For the most part all is going well. I even forced myself to run yesterday to stay on track. It was unpleasant, but I did it. Just 5km. The weekend was basically a write-off for my calorie goal, since on Saturday night I fueled up extra knowing that  I wouldn’t want to eat much so early in the morning, and Sunday we celebrated with beers and a delicious lunch at St. Louis – so that went over a bit, as well. Hardly disappointed though given the reason for it.

Steps have been going well! Monday, again, I definitely rested as much as I could, and I’m glad I did. But now we’re back to it, so 15,000/day it is! I’ve also received my first box from Hello Fresh on Monday, so I’m slowly working through the meals. Later this week I’ll have a detailed blog post about the service. Today I’m making the beef stirfry, should be good!

I also am going to begin biking again today. I haven’t since last Tuesday, I think. Not a great start to the month but there’s really not much I can do about the rain so I’m not sweating it. That’s my update for this week, and I’ll leave you all with a quote 🙂

Time to take Dakota for a walk and hit the gym. Happy Wednesday everyone, and remember – it’s almost the weekend!

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