Wellness Wednesday Week 20

This week is dragging big time for me. Feeling pretty worn down but I’m excited the weather is finally starting to turn appropriately!

Today I wanted to share an info graphic that found it’s way into my e-mail from the fine folks at MyFitnessPal. A lot of women struggle with their diets, and I think a big part of that is simply not having a true understanding of what their days calorie intake actually looks like. Now, unless you’re quite short, older, or very sedentary, most women can probably consume more than the 1200calories this graphic outlines, but I still thought it was a really good visual to share!

Me personally, I am allotted about 300calories more than this (before adding calories “earned” from exercise) and I usually prefer larger meals, so my day would have fewer snacks and bigger calorie counts for my actual lunch/dinner. But this is a good starting point for those just looking to get a better handle on their nutrition!

May Fitness Update below.

Not perfect, but I’m happy with how well I’ve done so far! I haven’t signed up for any more races yet but I desperately want to. It just gets expensive quick, so I have to really pick ones I really enjoy and want to support. The Women’s College race is one of those, and it’s approaching quick, so I’ll have to decide soon….

Until next week! Have a great long weekend everyone, get out for some walks or hikes or whatever you like to do!

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  1. Well, I fall into the short, old category, lol! Thanks for sharing, lol! 🙂

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